Your Questions Answered

What do we do if we have a bee problem?

Please call us and we will be pleased to help. Bees are protected and we usually will arrange for a trusted local bee keeper to help re-home the bees.

I have heard noises in the loft, what should I do?

It is more than likely you have squirrels, but to be absolutely certain you should contact us and we will arrange to visit your property to identify and treat the pest species which is causing the problem.

I have children around the house. Do I need to take any precautions?

Yes, please do not let children be in the same room at the time treatment is being made. Also, if we are to apply any liquid sprays, please keep out of treated areas until dry.

Do I have to leave the house for a treatment?

No. We use professional, industrial standard, approved chemicals, so you can usually stay home during the treatment. However, you may need to leave the house for about two or three hours for a flea treatment, and might need to have your pest treated at the same time. If we are treating cockroaches, ants, mice, etc. you can be relaxing on the sofa while we do the treatment. We do ask that you do not be in the same room at the same time while we are doing a treatment and to stay out of the spray until it has dried.

What about pets?

We ask that during treatments, you either put your pets in a room that is not being treated or remove them from the premises until the materials we have used are dry. Fish tanks need to be covered and pest dishes need to be picked up until after treatment. Please let us know if you have any exotic pests in case any special precautions are necessary.

Do you have to treat every room?

Sometimes it makes sense to only treat trouble spots or to treat limited areas inside the home. It really depends on the pest and the severity of the infestation.

I’m pregnant, do I have to leave the house before treatment commences?

No, not unless it's a flea treatment. Then you will need to leave the house for 2 or 3 hours. However, we do ask that you stay out of the same room we are treating at the time of application.

Do I need to be concerned about food stored in the kitchen?

No, we simply ask that you keep food covered and away from the area we are treating.

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