Drive Revive

Complete Driveway Cleaning and Refresh Service

We are experts on bringing your driveway back to life and can work on all kinds of surfaces including the following:

- Block Paving
- Pattern Imprinted
- Resin
- Concrete
- Paving
- Natural Stone
- Tarmac
- Wood Decking
- Brick

Each surface requires different restoration methods. For example with block paving new kiln dried sand must be placed in between the joints after the cleaning has been completed and dried. Then a block paving sealer is added to protect the joints from erosion and moss. You can choose a matt or gloss finish for the sealant which will protect the face of the blocks.

For pattern imprinted concrete the surface has a coloured sealant applied afterwards. This allows you to alter the look of your driveway should you wish to have a change.

Tarmac also requires a unique product and cleaning method, as does wood decking and any brickwork.

Most driveways are cleaned within a day and then left to dry for a couple of days (it depends on the weather). Then the sealant is applied and the driveway is usually useable after a further 24 hours. You can expect surfaces to look almost as good as new, most of the time.

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